Proven Repair Process

Louisiana Safety Systems, Inc. has been providing industrial valve repair and valve reconditioning for over 35 years. Over time, we have continually refined our repair process. Our processes and technologies include computerized lathes to ensure exact specifications are met on parts and valves. From disassembly of the valve, to sandblasting, machining, welding, reassembly, inspection, testing, and coating – we know how to recondition valves to bring them back up to meet and exceed industry specifications.

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  • Customization Options

    We have the capabilities to apply standard paint, dimetcote, or special coatings as specified by our customers. Automation of valves is also available upon request.

  • Thorough Inspection

    We have three inspection points prior to final inspection of parts and valve bodies.

    During final inspection, we verify dimensional specifications, serial numbers, traceability numbers, tag information, and coating – as well as, packaging parameters. As with all valve refurbishment, we also offer a two-year warranty.

    For more information about LSS valve repair and maintenance, contact us today.

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