Promoting a Safe & Healthy Environment

At Louisiana Safety Systems, Inc. safety is part of our name for a good reason – we take it seriously. We believe that every one of our employees is entitled to work in a safe and healthy environment.

Our company has an outstanding safety record because we work hard to keep our employees (and everyone on each of our job sites) safe at all times. Every LSS employee is required to learn and adhere to the policies in our safety manual, as well as, attend our safety training and regularly held safety meetings.

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Certifications & Specialized Training

From offshore safety to field service safety and everything in between – our team is always focused on staying safe. We ensure that employees who perform high-risk services have all the certifications and specialized training needed to make sure that every job is completed safely.

Furthermore, we emphasize accident prevention, employee health protection, loss control, and environmental responsibility with every employee – from upper management to new recruits.

At LSS, we truly believe that our success depends not only upon our high quality services, but on the safe manner in which we perform our jobs as well.

Louisiana Safety Systems Operations Policy: Safety 1st


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LSS Safety Policy


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