Job Analysis

JOB DESCRIPTION: Job is a 24 hour on-call position, with job assignments to various remote field locations and offshore installations.

  • Receives job assignments, assembles tools, and parts as necessary.

  • Transports himself and tools/parts in company vehicle to work location or dock/heliport for further transportation.

  • Loads equipment and boards crew boat or helicopter as passenger for flight to offshore location.

  • Disembarks from boat by swing rope or crane operated personnel basket.

  • On location, coordinates with client site representative about work tasks and specific site considerations, equipment, policies, and hazards.

  • Work may involve function testing of relief valves, inspecting/operating pressure retaining/controlling equipment, testing, unbolting, disassembling valves, removal/replacement of internal parts, troubleshooting, grinding/fitting, reassembling, re-torque of bolts, installation of valves, recording pertinent information and reporting with client representative, and writing reports.

  • Certain jobs may also involve rigging up and operating lubricator tool to set up and retrieve back pressure valves.

  • Ability to undergo 8 hr. Water Survival training and demonstrate capability in Helicopter Underwater Egress.

  • Hold current/valid Driver’s License, and the ability to obtain clearance for TWIC card.

  • Comply with random and/or client ordered drug and alcohol screens.

  • Achieve passing score on physical pulmonary function test.