Job Analysis

JOB DESCRIPTION: Performs day to day activities within the Quality Control Department as directed by the QC Supervisor to ensure continuous production of products consistent with established standards and guidelines are met.

  • Performs inspections as defined in the Quality Assurance Manual, completes all associated paperwork, and creates product tags as required by the various products and other duties as assigned by the QC Supervisor.

  • Performs Seat Pocket Dimension inspections: 

    1.  WKM 370-E Ball Valves sizes 2″ thru 6″
    2.  WKM 370-E4 Ball Valves sizes 2″ thru 6″
    3. KF-T Ball Valves sizes 2″ thru 6″
  • Performs Trunnion Dimension inspections on all valve types and sizes noted above

  • Prepares and logs materials being sent for outside processing through the QA Department. Ensures descriptions, quantities being sent, requirements needed and requested return dates are properly annotated on the paperwork.

  • Continually searches for new methods and techniques to improve internal processes or methods for increased productivity, profitability, efficiency, quality and safety.

  • Performs incoming inspections on received raw materials and verifies received materials match the information described on the MTR.

  • Responsible for the proper use and safeguarding of all equipment and tooling utilized by QA personnel

  • Responsible to work jointly with Supervisors, Department Assistants and shop floor Technicians as needed to ensure quality products are provided to LSS Customers.

  • Maintains a good attitude and working relationship with all LSS employees and follows the established Safety guidelines, policies and practices set by LSS.